Where Machines End Their Lives

by Sound&Shape

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released January 17, 2006



all rights reserved


Sound&Shape Nashville, Tennessee


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Track Name: The Son Of Sunshine and All The Little Freedoms
two from the dozen dead and pressed inside the book
the testament to failures past present and future
a faded postcard from the child that I was
breathing in gasps under the stairs
oh its so dark in here

I just want to touch your soul
but you only want my rock and roll
I just want to touch your soul
But you only want my rock and roll

oh but the fire burned so bright
I should have kicked a hole in the sky but
not tonight cuz the sun
its calling me to dawn
It worries about me and all the little freedoms
but I can not see a thing
cuz its blinding me

this picture is torn and I think a face is missing
half of happiness is all that’s left to remind me
of how time has shattered into a thousand wasted pieces
and in your eyes I lost the comfort that I found
Track Name: The Goddess In The Garden
I.Enter: Mother Sunshine

she is the night-time
sacrifice to the four letter valentine
she's slow to love but she's quick to kiss
we blew a kiss to the skyline at midnight
we all come out to bite
she's slow to smile but she’s quick to kill

II. The Child Speaks

"Oh can’t you stay just one minute more?
I haven't said all that I need to say
and do I have to settle for this farewell refrain?
Is loving me just too much to ask?"

Can I burn with you?
for all the evil that we do

erase your words from the diary page
and settle in to breathe again
we'll be the angles with the broken glass wings
can you hear us singing?

one at a time, one at a time
too many words just confuse me
time after time, time after time
I'm waiting for you to abuse me

I'm so afraid, yes I'm so afraid to be myself
but the band plays on
and on and on and on
till the radio breaks and the silence takes over

I want to burn with you
for all the evil that we do
I want to burn with you
so kiss me with your razorblade lips
Track Name: Feed Me To The Spiders
so now we're heroes
we've toasted the defeat of our last enemies
gold wrapped around my fingers
the television screaming
"on your knees!"

we don't know this song
but we'll still sing along

don't you cry, darling its alright
we've just lost everything beautiful

so now we've won these battles
there can be no mistaking the king
go read all those headstones
the names have been replaced by dollar signs
Track Name: Lovers Drink For Free
I. Watching Through The Keyhole

there was no music only dancing
two lonely spirits moving softly
swaying in the breeze made
by the breath of their embrace
then losing their touch in the starlight

the comedy got lost in the kiss
and the tragedy became apparent
in the parting of their lips
“my darling, baby, sweetheart let me count the ways
I can make you trust me then disappoint you again”

II. There is Safety in Slumber

I'm tired, so tired
my bones are cold and look! there’s a light on in the hall
close my eyes for me dear
lead me to where I can sleep and sleep for days
I can't hear you anymore
my eyes don't deserve to see that you're beautiful
I can’t hear you anymore
My eyes don’t deserve to see that you’re beautiful
Track Name: His Station and Four Aces
dance with the candlelight
slay our shadows in the poisoned moonlight
no! don't let the sun shine in this room
I can't look at you
we'll face the music hand in hand in hand
cover your eyes with anything you can

save me let me be myself
let me save me from myself

close the curtains now
this monologue is tired and the sands turned to glass
make no mistake the villain wins in this one
and the heroine falls to the knife of the brother
as she learns to doubt the
tender words of her lover
Track Name: The Dancers
stop me before I say another word
drop the telephone and run run run run!
silence me oh silencer so
I fall to pieces
paint my portrait but leave me the brush
so I can fade my face out

I'm shouting at the rain
to let it cover my face
where does the rainbow end?
When does the dancing begin?

stop me before I move another step
turn me towards the sun till I go blind blind blind blind!
deafen me oh mighty voice
so I can't hear her
paint my portrait but leave me the brush
so I can fade my face out

the dancers got it wrong
it wasn’t me their here to take
burn your body down
I can taste your ashes on my lips
Track Name: The Plea
The window pane is bleeding
And the floor is falling out from under us
This chase ends in a stalemate
You hold all the pieces
And I’m left incomplete

Drop the Gun
Drop the Gun
Drop the Gun
Track Name: Under The Rose
there’s a shadow in the corner
and he's laughing at me
there’s a reflection in the mirror and she’s
screaming in her sleep
you're a stranger in the dark
and I can feel your hands around my neck
"I wanted just to feel you"
I'd gasp with my last breath

so take away this broken fool
the one who wears the smile of the idiot
and watch him crawl into the bottom
of this broken-hearted bottle

all the flowers wilt behind
your cemetery eyes
and you'll find me under the roses
and the words ignite the gasoline
that flows into my bloodstream
and you'll find me under the roses

I'm beginning to wonder
if you're even real at all
I'm transparent and you're laughing
oh daddy’s sweet little girl
The rooms exploding under
all that distant laughter
was that a kiss at midnight?
I forgot it seconds after

so take away this broken fool
there’s so much that he doesn’t understand
play along to make him smile
and cinch the noose a little tighter
Track Name: September
Let’s make love with the radio on
We’ll drown ourselves in the transmission static
Force our tongues to silence the breath
Of the love we face in our nightmares

You speak falsely now

And this December boy just wants his September girl
She’s not just another face in the sun, he’s in love
The black of her hair and the brown of her eyes
Mean the angles are flying
And this December boy’s in love with his September girl
This December boy’s in love with his September girl
Track Name: Soldiers!, Oh! Soldiers
don't cry for me I'm only make believe
and underneath this lovely make up
lies a poets lonely soul
pardon my intrusion on your sanctuary sun
and if there is no room on this one
I can always find my own

won't you stay so I can explain
in detail the ways I have failed you
please tear the page with my mistakes
and forget about how much I need you

and I don't understand
what I did

I don't know how long I can go
or how much laughter I can fake
march on soldiers, oh march on soldiers
I'll lead you in this idiot parade

your voice in my ear
and the first shooting stars in the sky

don’t cry for me, I’m only make-believe
don’t cry for me, I’m only make-believe
Track Name: Telegram (or the Fall of Father Sunshine)
sometimes this fool forgets his place
and ventures too far from the cave
his words fall heavy on the ground
fall flat and never make a sound

"I've memorized the lines
that your face cuts
in the darkness of this mirror
and the automatic tic
of the muscle in your chest
doesn't beat for me"

and now the curtain opens on our hero
head in hand, eyes to the ground
a painting of his former self
he broke free of the colors on the brush
and the fading faces of his ghost mistakes
point their fingers in silent accusation
and the canvas hangs a little lower these days
and you can see the cracks in the frame

"I've poisoned you
oh my sweet love
with the smiles I denied you
but these old tired eyes
see you my dear
come close so I can break you"

and now the curtain closes on our hero
head in hand, eyes to the ground
a painting of his former self
he was defeated by the colors on the brush
the fading faces of his ghost mistakes
throw their voices in screaming accusation
and the canvas hangs a little lonely these days
and you can see the frame start to break