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released March 27, 2012

This record is dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Weiss

Sound&Shape is:
Allen Jones - Drums
Gaines Cooper - Bass
Ryan Caudle - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Produced by Casey Wood and Matthew McCauley
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Casey Wood
Recorded At The Insanery Nashville, TN

All Songs By Ryan Caudle (BMI) Into The Wind Music (SACEM)

Additional Musicians:
Matt Singleton - Bass on tracks 1, 2, 5 and 8. Backing Vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Matthew McCauley - Rhodes on track 2, Organ on tracks 3, 5, 7 and 8. Guitar on track 4. Backing vocals on track 4. String arrangements on tracks 4 and 8.

Casey Wood - Kalimba on track 4. Organ on track 7. Percussion on tracks 3, 4, 6 and 8.

Tim McCauley - Drum programming on track 4.

Cover Design by Craig Cirinelli
Photographs by Becca Buckner




all rights reserved


Sound&Shape Nashville, Tennessee


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Track Name: No Time To Explain
I walk with Saints who have lost their way / I run with the innocent down silent lanes / Everybody's trying not to be misunderstood / Hey, oh no we'll never be safe from the ticking of the clock counting down our days / Hey, no there's no time to explain with all the poets in flames, there's nobody left to turn the page / I talk with ghosts who can't find their homes / I sing with the heartbroken in somber tones
Track Name: Everybody Leaves
Two lovers in dark moods say goodnight / Two runners looking for the quick goodbye / Bad angels face to face in the morning / Outside it's calm baby, inside it's storming / And they don't believe that there's anything better / Alone they're afraid but they'll fake it together / While she's drowning in the river of her reasons / Making his excuses while he's fighting back his demons / and they both know but they don't want to believe / Everybody leaves / Two thieves stealing back all the things they want / Two strangers trying to find the time they lost / Sad smiles fixed to hide all the secrets / They say I love you and they try to mean it
Track Name: Wolves In The Forest
This is for the ones that want to stay young / This is for the ones who try to be strong / Do we die a little inside as the seconds on the clock stop and say goodbye? / And I don't want to be the one who doesn't get what he came for / But I can hear the wind howling and it's sounding like an animal / But I can't see what's hiding in the trees so can you help me? / Can you tell me? / Will there be wolves in the forest? / Will there be danger in the caves? / Can you hear the fear in all those voices? / Calling out and asking to be saved / Do you remember when you were young? / Time passed slow and the days were long / Now the night time comes too fast and the light that you chase might not make it back / And I don't want to be the one who doesn't get what he came for
Track Name: Able Archer
To all you long shots, you castaways, you sinners / you drifters, you exiles, you absolute beginners / There is a light from which the darkness can not hide you / When you decide to fight you'll find us there beside you / Take aim able archer / Send that feather to the sky / Take aim able archer / Aim high, shoot strong, and you'll find where you belong when it's time / When it's time / To all you ragers, you knock arounds you thieves / You deceivers, you bruisers of the faithful who believe
Track Name: The Whispering Boy
Dawn breaks it's silent hold on the sleeping forms of two lost souls / A gentle kiss finds her lips in the dark / I have to go but I won't be far / Words drift like embers they scorch my skin like falling bombs / The storm before the calm / Sometimes I get lost inside all of this noise / Because I am the whispering boy / Life out here where the wind blows cold / Where the lonely weep and the sad grow old / Visions are blocked by the sound of the clock / Hearts break in waves / On the thin ice we walk / Chasing our secrets they lead us to ends that we fear / An end that's always near
Track Name: Signals
This road can go so many ways / I don't know who to trust and who to blame / The signal gets lost in the trees / Just like the words get lost between you and me / But still we drink from the same stream / If I'm still standing when they're done with me / I'll still be singing for the brothers with the broken hearts / The backseat lovers reaching in the dark / For their piece of tomorrow / This dance could end before the last note sounds / So lets live while we can / While this record's still spinning around / The needle gets lost in the groove / Just like the soul gets lost on its way back to you / But still we search for the same truth
Track Name: Hourglass
What did I do to make it rain today? / Where will I hide when it falls apart? / Everyone's looking for somebody else to blame / And I don't know but I think we all feel the same when / We turn and find the world outside has changed / And in it's place stands the ghost of another time / Pale hands across our eyes to keep us blind / To the words flowing out like broken rhymes / And we know how this story ends / What did I do to cause you pain today? / Where will you run when it gets tough again / I never knew that we were so close to the flames / And I don't know but I think we all feel the same
Track Name: Wheels To Babylon
The clouds hung low on 5th Avenue / As the sun set between the lampposts / and you took my hand and said / "If we hide they might find us so let's run and run until that skyline lies far behind us" / Let's fix our eyes on the farthest star / Our future lies where no one knows who we are / You can make it even if I'm gone / You have my heart and you have my song so / Hold it close as you turn your wheels to Babylon / Twilight crept over us from behind / As darkness descended you kissed me and smiled and said / "Let's break all the clocks and get time running scared so we will always be young…"